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About Me

I am an Australian landscape and commercial photographer.

On returning to Australia, after living and working overseas for more than 25 years, I was immediately struck by the sound of birdsong, even in the city, and the beauty of the natural landscapes so close to home.

I now live on picturesque Magnetic Island, a haven for much Australian wildlife, where I am fortunate to be able to combine my love of nature and photography.


Having lived in many different places overseas, I truly believe that Australia has some of the most eye-achingly gorgeous landscapes you can see on planet earth. Even in the midst of capital cities we can still easily find forest, wild animals and lots of birds.

In my landscape photography I try to capture the kaleidoscope of colours, textures and light that make this country uniquely beautiful.

Commercial  Photography    

I have many years of commercial photography experience in Australia and overseas shooting events, products and architecture.

I have worked for Vanity Fair, BMW, Audi, Bulgari, Thales, Davos, South China Morning Post, the Australian, the Guardian and the Jacky Chan Action Team. I also speak four languages which can come in handy at times.


It might be a cliché but I truly believe a picture is worth a thousand words. Too often we see the same old stock images everywhere that don’t reflect our culture, lifestyle, landscape or even our weather.

I can work with your business to capture the right images that reflect your unique personality and help your brand stand out.

Contact Me

You can order framed or unframed landscapes online.

Or to find out more about a specific photo, working with me commercially, boosting your brand imagery, or just to have a chat about the Jacky Chan Action Team, get in touch here.

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