I am a veteran Australia photographer with a wide and varied portfolio encompassing an international client base, with corporate, media and private clientele. At the end of 2014, after a long absence and following 5 years working, living in, and documenting China, I returned to Australia. The clean air, green, open, uncrowded spaces, and the natural beauty that is unique to this continent has been a dramatic contrast to the world of China, and this has given me a unique perspective on the country that I call home.

I am also one of the world’s most accomplished divers, having spent a large part of my life underwater, as part of the oil industry and later as one of the first handful of divers to breach the 200 metre mark on scuba (and come back). With my underwater work I try to paint a franker picture than others. Our oceans are being decimated and in a terrible state; I believe it is the underwater photographer’s duty to depict this rather than carrying on the usual trend of colourful, unrealistic imagery.