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Category: Photos

Red Beach 14
November 27, 2014

I'm back in Australia, and it's been a welcome return to my natural environment roots. Despite the political machinations afoot in this country to put an end to it, Australia still assaults...

Great Wall
October 9, 2013

I return many times each year to the Great Wall to photograph. Although it took hundreds of years to build and stretches over some 5000 kilometres of mountain and desert, it never actually...

October 5, 2013

A comment from panda expert Sara Bexell recently prompted me to wonder whether the current generation of adults is a lost cause, and if our only hope of preserving the planet lies with...

October 3, 2013

Beijing is not always grey/copper polluted skies. Here's the sky as seen during a late summer...

December 20, 2012

As the winter gets colder and more snow falls, I'm still covering the migrant worker area in Sihui. These folk not only don't have the benefit of central heating, but they also have to use...

Blue Oceans Film Festival
October 5, 2012

The Blue Oceans Film Festival was recently on in the 'States, which is a great thing. But I have to say that I object (slightly) to the name “Blue Oceans”. Because it suggests that oceans...

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