Blue Oceans Film Festival

Blue Oceans
The Blue Oceans Film Festival was recently on in the ‘States, which is a great thing.

But I have to say that I object (slightly) to the name “Blue Oceans”. Because it suggests that oceans only come in one colour. In fact, oceans come in many, many different colours, from blue to grey, to brown, to green, to silver, to red, and many shades in between. For me, that’s part of the beauty of oceans.

I see a danger in clinging to one colour, one vision. Just like an environmentalist who campaigns for a single species or a single family of organisms.

How many outspoken shark defenders are there, for example – lots right? OK, how many people do you see waving “Save the Plankton” banners? It’s OK, laugh – it is funny. But it’s also essentially true. Plankton are just as threatened as shark species, yet no one campaigns for them because they are not glamorous, despite the absolutely crucial role they play in maintaining our atmosphere, a stable climate, and fixing most of our energy. Just as green oceans are not as glamorous as blue ones.

We need to recognise that we hold in our hands the fate of one environment, a vast, incomprehensibly complex, yet incredibly wonderful machine in which all species, all ecosystems, and all environments work together and depend upon one another to maintain a balance, an equilibrium. Now, because of us, that balance is gone. And because we are responsible for this damage, it is our responsibility to restore it.

Oceans are not just blue. They come in a vast variety of colours. And we must maintain that variety. Or we will lose all the colours.

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