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Blood Moonrise

(6 customer reviews)
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Sku: bms-001

Super Blood Moon landscape – blood moon rises by a solitary mangrove, Moreton Bay, Queensland.

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This day in the latter half of 2015 was touted as a “super blood moon” or a “blood super moon”, one of the two, indicating that the moon was in eclipse, AND at the apogee of it’s orbit at the same time (the closest point it gets to Earth).
Unfortunately, by the time the Australian continent had turned around to face the night sky, the eclipse was over, so the blood part was gone, with only the moon’s light filtering through many miles of the earth’s atmosphere at the end of the day giving it the orange appearance.

Sized: 210mm x 300mm (A4), 300mm x 420mm (A3), 600mm x 900mm (A1)

6 reviews for Blood Moonrise

  1. davidpeart

    I just received my print of Blood Moonrise from you David. Thanks so much! It looks 100 times better so large and on the wall. I didn’t think that was possible!

  2. davidpeart


  3. davidpeart

    Brilliant work Dave

  4. Angela


  5. Angela

    David you’re amazing

  6. Angela

    Great photo

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